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Welcome to Giri Gritzi's blog about her life in a little place called Second-Life. Giri's second life is at times boring, at times very exciting, and unfortunately at times very very hurtful. In the upcoming and continuing posts she hopes to chronicle her life and experiences in her second-life

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Giri Gritzi
Giri Gritzi

Just a Word about Second Life

Second Life is a FICTIONAL World that is inhabited by REAL people who come here to escape their First Life.. With that said, what happens in Second Life should at no time ever be considered something at is happening in First Life. While Second Life IS a fictional world composed entirely of photons, bits, bytes and keyboards, it does also contain a few real items. I have found that Second Life contains 3 items that come in from First Life, and are the most fragile, yet important parts of any Avatar and the person whom is behind the keyboard for that Avatar. What I am speaking about are Feelings, Xxxxxxxxxx, and emotions

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Day Two Report on L-1107 (Laura)

Well the second day of L-1107's ordeal has passed, she is a delight to monitor, but I can se the isolation beginning to work on her. L-1107 was once a very verbal speaking pet, (L-1107 before being isolated was openly shy, but with those she trusted, not very shy at all), I can see her starting to withdraw and reflecting on her own thoughts. She has quickly learned to convey thoughts with extremely simple physical action emotes. (When she first became isolated, she was one of a vast number of Residents that didnt even know how to emote.) While the emotes have given her a tiny ability to be seen and maybe understood, its a vast difference from what she was before being submerged into her own walking prison of isolation.

I'll keep you updated

(These daily reports have intentionally left in the Banished ones own words, so everyone will truly know who wrote it, and whos thoughts they are...)

Day 2

This day did start real good, when L-1107 did wake up at her station this mornig , she got an present from Mistress, an gasmask this mask can be werry evil If mistress want it to be .. and L1107 has no control over the mask well she has no control at all atm..

the day has been good sofar, its quied and no stress at all that i love whit isolation,but thehard part will be looking at my werry good friends having fun at the sideline , i dont think that is an thing i will get used too, but then again think thats is allabout isolation ... Why iam doing this have been suby , and iam still feeling werry suby .. but i have been thinking a litle iam been selfish too ? her iam locked and blocked form the outworld .. me and one of my werry best friends here in sl have been planing an RP for weeks and we did have an exelent time togetter, and igo and trur myself in to an object , wit out telling her or anyone els about it Just me and Mistress , So iam sorry for that ... but at that time it did feel so rigth todo this ..

One day i will be back as laura and then we will catch up for lost time , but for now i have to fihinih what i did start .

and the last thing Been isolated is still wird and iam doing mutch better than i did think ..

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Giri on being Bane

A lot of people want to try to be a BANE, myself included. However, as controller of L-1107 I can easily see how it is affecting her, it is changing her, it is hard. She has been struggling with this for the last several days and I have seen the degradation of her personality as it has happened. If you do think you want to go and be a Isolated Banished person, I strongly and deeply implore you to reconsider, it is a very hard and difficult thing when done correctly.