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Welcome to Giri Gritzi's blog about her life in a little place called Second-Life. Giri's second life is at times boring, at times very exciting, and unfortunately at times very very hurtful. In the upcoming and continuing posts she hopes to chronicle her life and experiences in her second-life

Giri Gritzi

Giri Gritzi
Giri Gritzi

Just a Word about Second Life

Second Life is a FICTIONAL World that is inhabited by REAL people who come here to escape their First Life.. With that said, what happens in Second Life should at no time ever be considered something at is happening in First Life. While Second Life IS a fictional world composed entirely of photons, bits, bytes and keyboards, it does also contain a few real items. I have found that Second Life contains 3 items that come in from First Life, and are the most fragile, yet important parts of any Avatar and the person whom is behind the keyboard for that Avatar. What I am speaking about are Feelings, Xxxxxxxxxx, and emotions

Saturday, December 08, 2007

As a Mistress of Second-Life I have 7 real Pets in my family. My most senior pet is Squeak and has the title "1st Pet". Squeak has been with me since I first became a Mistress in Second - Life and i couldnt imagine my Second-Life without her. Squeak is very loyal, loveable, loving, i could go on and on, but you get the idea. I so much adore Squeak. she is my right arm, I love Squeak as I do all my pets of SL, but she has a very special place in my heart that would cause it to break if I had to be in SL without her. Squeak has aquired the nickname of "Aunty Squeak", to this I say, "Aunty Squeak" is that evil Aunt that everyone has, but she does creative nasty, evil and fun sexual things to those she torments...

My next pet has the name slave, but to me she is Laura. Laura is the second pet that joined me and has the title of 2nd Pet. Laura to has aquired a nickname "Evil Miss Laura" Laura like the majority of my pets is what we in SL call a switch. A switch is a person whom is both Domme and submissive and Laura is one of the MOST Domme and most submissive pets I know. When she is Domme, she is truely evil and to be feared, when she is submissive she is like putty you can mold into anything. Laura is a very special person and my pet.

Tina was the third pet to join my family. Tina is very unique, I call her my "Ir-Repressible Tina" because she like a Energizer Bunny, she is totally unstopable and always going and going and going. Tina has had a few bumbs in the family, but the Gritzi Family would from this time forward be imcomplete if Tina was to not be in it for any reason.

Janiel was next to join my family, Janiel has the nickname "Kitty" because she is a Goth-Neko Kitten. I had never seen a Goth-Neko Kitten, but I can tell you Janiel is the best one I have ever seen or met. Janiel is a PURE Bondage lover, when she isnt locked in shackles or handcuffs and tightly gagged, she is securely strapped very tight in a modified KDC Strait-Jacket. If i was to be street blunt Janiel would be called a BONDAGE-SLUT. She lives to be tightly bound and taken care of.. (hmmmmm (Thought bubble) ..... come to think about it ....... sounds like a lot of my close friends) Well back to Janiel. I dont see a lot of Janiel, but when I do its most certainly a bright spot in my day.

Millie was my fifth pet, I cant really say much about Millie, she became my pet and then somehow lost her way. While I still lay claim to Millie, after all I felt enough of her to take her into my family, I'll not disown her... she is lost in the real-world some where and I hope someday she finds her way home, until she does she shall be loved and missed.

Kekoa was my sixth pet. Kekoa is called Kitten by me, and she is a true Kitten. While she is submissive to me and loves me dearly, she is head-strong and very vocal and direct with her thoughts. With Kekoa, you will always know where you stand with her, if she doesnt like you, she wont play the smile to the face and bite the ass game. Kekoa, like Squeak has become one of my very close and personal confidants.. Kekoa, since the day I took your ass, I own you and will never allow you to leave nor escape me... you may try and struggle, but your kitty ass belongs to me.. now and forever.

Carro, my Pink latex cutie. I think I have known Carro the longest, but she resisted me for nearly 6 months before I finally wrangled her into the formal family. Carro wont admit it openly, but she is a true switch 50/50. She absolutely loves to be bound, caged and tormented by someone she loves and respects, but if you are not careful she will quickly turn the tables and have you bound, in a cage and being tormented by her. Carro resisted me for so long because she said she feard me, she said I could see her every desire and fear of bondage and restraint in Second-life.... Actually this may be true, but all I did was do to her the very things that I truly desired and feared deep down in my soul.

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Giri on being Bane

A lot of people want to try to be a BANE, myself included. However, as controller of L-1107 I can easily see how it is affecting her, it is changing her, it is hard. She has been struggling with this for the last several days and I have seen the degradation of her personality as it has happened. If you do think you want to go and be a Isolated Banished person, I strongly and deeply implore you to reconsider, it is a very hard and difficult thing when done correctly.